Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big News

Well, we really didn't know how to tell everyone our news. We are Expecting baby number two, the due date is October 15. With Elliot we tried to make it a big deal but how do you tell all your family and friends about baby number two? We know it is good news, but it has more of a, "been there done that" feel to it. Maybe we will have it all figured out by number three but for now we are super excited for this next baby. I (Natasha) have been feeling pretty sick, but it was the same with Elliot and by week 12 life was great so I am looking forward to the months to come because I Loved being pregnant the first time.

We are loving Stillwater, Steven found out this week that he has a teaching assistantship job lined up for next semester teaching lower level English classes and working in the writing center. Last week he was called to be the Teachers quorum teacher on Sundays. Elliot is growing his fifth and sixth teeth and is starting to stand for minutes on end, he still has no interest in walking because crawling is faster, but he has the idea down. If you ask him what a dog or a cow says he will moo (boo boo) or ruff (uff uff) at you. and since we have had his crib set up (we had a few bolt issues when we got here) he has been sleeping through the nights without a problem. I have been attending a mothers institute class with Elliot and we have a play group each week that we have a lot of fun with.