Sunday, October 30, 2011

What we have been up to

As you can see from my last post it has been awhile. We have been busy, busy, busy! Since July we have, in no particular order:

Taken a trip to California
Started a Preschool group for Elliot
Hosted a Feast
Took Qualifying Exams
Passed Qualifying Exams
Sewed 3 bird costumes
Trained for and completed a Triathlon (Steven took first in his age division)
Trained for a Half Marathon (It's Saturday, I have hurt my knee, pray that I will still be participating!)
Trick or Treated 3 times with the boys
Bought a new car: a dark blue Hyundai Santa Fe
Went to the zoo too many times to count
Helped my brother propose to his girlfriend
Went to a science museum
Put new handle bars on a bike.
Celebrated Malcolm's 2nd birthday
Took a trip to North Carolina for a baby Blessing
Survived a 45 day streak of 100+ degree weather
And fell in love over and over again.