Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catch up!

Lets see if we can catch this thing up. A quick review of the past 6 months, and GO!

April- Steven got excepted to ASU (Arizona State University) in Tempe AZ!
May- Steven Graduated with his Masters in English!!!
       - Natasha packed up the entire house, with a little help from Steven.
June- Our big Move to AZ
       - We loaded the truck and said goodbye to some amazing friends in Stillwater.
July-Explored our new surroundings, spent a lot of time avoiding the heat by playing in water.

    - Steven spent a lot of time job searching, he did get a position teaching at a local community college      
       -Uncle Dan and Aunt Laura and there two boys came and had an awesome visit.
       -We found out we are pregnant!
August- We traveled to Florida for Natasha's little sisters wedding.
          - Natasha decorated the wedding cake.
          - Steven revived a TA (teachers assistant) position over the phone on Friday while we were at the temple for the wedding. The job was his if he could be there first thing Monday. Steven flew strait home.
          - Natasha and the boys flew to Oklahoma for a couple weeks to spend time with friend and family.
September- Steven got busy with work and School.
               -Aunt Sarah and cousin Lindsey came to visit.
               - We went and saw Les Miserables, it was amazing!          

               -Natasha and the boys stayed busy exploring museums and attending an art class.
Elliot getting his art on, he really is talented. 

Now that its October we are trying to do some fun thing to get ready for the Holiday season. We are excited for Stevens Fall Break and are hoping for it to cool down soon.