Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture time

Every year around our anniversary we get our family pictures taken. Since our anniversary is on Tuesday (May 5th)it is again picture time. I need to figure out where to take them and what we are going to wear any suggestions? You have most likely seen each of these anniversary pictures at one time or another but Here they are for you to enjoy all in one place. It's always fun to look back and see how our family has grown and changed. We didn't take one on our first anniversary so I just added a picture taken around then, enjoy.

I hope I made you look twice, for all those who were not aware Steven was in a play (The First Night of Ballyhoo) during our first anniversary season he actually bought us tickets for a concert in Boise and I had to take my brother because he couldn't get out of practice.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I learned today

Spraying Pam on your griddle is essential for createing the perfect Dunker Egg.

It's just as easy to bind the quilt the second time as it was the first, waiting two months didn't make the quilt any smaller.

The amount of love you have for your son doesn't get smaller after they throw up on you, if anything your love expands.

Even if you feel bad for your son don't let him keep his sticker on in the bath tub. The sickie of a sticker mixed with warm water creates super glue.

My 18 month old needs a nap EVERYDAY, no exceptions.

It is possible to cut your finger with a dishwasher detergent cap.

Cutting your finger with a dishwasher detergent cap is a great excuse to not clean the bathroom or wipe up the kitchen counters.

Husbands are a great resource and blessing to have!