Sunday, February 28, 2010

its a long one, Sorry

Well what can I say? Life has been busy it feels like my life is two steps ahead.

We moved Malcolm into Elliot's room two weeks ago They have been doing good for the most part. I have been really impressed with Elliot because it was a big change for him. He moved from his toddler bed(the crib in toddler stage) to a twin. Then we threw Malcolm in there in the crib, taking away the floor space. I should take a picture it really is just enough room to walk from the door the the closet. The first day was pretty funny I put them both down to nap for a trial run. I have bumper pads for the crib but had decided not to use them, Malcolm started to cry after a few minutes later and when I went to check on him not only had Elliot taken away his pacifier but also taken off Malcolm's socks. The bumpers were added before bed time. I found out two days later that tricky little Elliot is smarter them the bumper pads. I went to get him after his nap and he was under the crib with both of Malcolm's pacifiers in his mouth he had the cutest guilty look on his face when I caught him.

Wow I really didn't mean to type that much about that. Oh well what else?

Malcolm is officially rolling over and let me tell you he is fast. We are thinking of entering him in some rolling competitions so he can start paying us back all the money he owes us for diapers.

When I was pregnant with Elliot I sewed a quit top and Steven made me an awesome quit frame for Christmas that year. I finally this week tacked the quilt together and started to tie it. (I promise I will put up some picture when I am done. Hold me to it too because I am so lazy about loading pictures.)

Steven turned the big 27!

I have lost more than 20lbs and am currently at my pre-pregnancy weight for Elliot. Steven told me the other day that he is going to give me two dollars per pound that I have lost or will lose that got me pretty excited to go shopping.

Steven and I are running a 5K on Saturday. We are both really excited I finished my 10-12 week running program last week it is so fun to know that I can just get up and go and not stop for at least half an hour.

Oh and don't worry my house is a mess and has been for two weeks. No matter how long I work on it or what I clean it is still dirty and cluttered. It has started to get very frustrating and all organization gone out the window. We just have too much stiff for this tiny apartment.

That last little tidbit is to let you know that we are still human!
it is officially fifty one minutes past march so I am going to go to bed!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love, Hate

Nap time and I have a love-hate relationship.

I hate how my kids need to nap even thought they don't want to.
I love how they will eventually fall asleep and be better behaved after a nap.
I hate how Elliot has to be carried to bed kicking and screaming.
I love how quiet and calm my house gets during nap time.
I love that when my kids are down for a nap I finally have time to shower or at least get dressed for the day.
I hate how messy Elliots room gets while he is deciding if he is really going to nap.
I love that Elliot knocks on the door to let me know he is done napping.
I hate that sometimes I send Elliot to bed with a cracker so I don't have to listen to him scream when I tell him it's time for a nap.
I love the extra time I have while the kids nap to take care of things around the house.
I hate how I waste the extra time I have while the kids nap on Facebook or Hulu.

But the thing I love most about nap time is when the kids wake up and I get to kiss and hug and play with them some more.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Today what makes me feel like a bad mom is (drum roll) SOUR MILK!

We usually go through milk pretty fast in our house. We can easily go through two gallons a week so I have never really had to worry about expiration dates. Recently however Steven and I have been on a diet so our milk consumption has gone way down. Elliot has been our resident milk drinker.

I made Elliot a chocolate milk and there was just a small amount left so I thought I would finish it off with my eggs and it burned my mouth. Sour milk it the most disgusting thing I have had it was so bad. I ran and grabbed Elliots cup and threw it in the sink he of course was crying because the sour of the milk was masked by the chocolate. To make me feel even worse I then remembered the cold cereal that Elliot didn't want to finish this morning. It made me feel bad for my poor little guy.

I will definably be checking the milk before giving it to my kids from now on. Its good to know that I learned from this experience making me a better mom, and that no matter how bad I feel today there will always be something tomorrow to make me feel worse.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


My house has a smell. I was going to clean the kitchen really good to get rid of it but that has not happened yet. Who knows if I will get to it before Steven gets home. Elliot just went from playing with the dishwasher to playing with Malcolms swing both things that he is forbidden to touch. Malcolm just started to fuss from bed and to tell the truth he should probably not have been taking a nap in the first place because he seems really alert at night. I have not and will not shower. cars the movie has been on for more almost three hours now because Elliot keeps finding the remote (another no touch item) and skipping back a few chapters. Pretty much it has been a normal day.