Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Fourth

Last year both my kids cried through the entire firework show. I couldn't get Elliot to even look at them. So this year I was a little hesitant in taking them back, but when it come down to it I LOVE fireworks. This year worked better we found a good spot on a hill a block away from the lake were they are launched so they wouldn't be so loud.
I of course loved them, Malcolm was neutral he watched for awhile and then just wondered around. Elliot was terrified by them and spent the whole time in my lap with a blanket over his head. Did I mention that the fireworks were on the 3rd I don't know why and it kind of bothered me because then we didn't have anything to look forward to on the actual 4th.

We still tried to fill our holiday with American type things:
Like bike rides- Steven did a 36.3 mile ride.

And cheering for people- we met Steven at the end of his race and stayed awhile to cheer on the other bike riders it was as close to a parade as we could find.

And getting wet- we went to a little splash pad to cool off for a bit.

My perfect Fourth of July would start with a big pancake breakfast and end with a big firework show, shared with all the friends I have ever had and all the family I could get me hands on. We did have french toast and the fireworks were there even thought they were at the wrong end. Also the boys drank an entire bottle of Maple Syrup while I was in the shower so it was defiantly a special day for them. I guess It turned out to be a pretty good fourth after all.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Randome Catch Up

Did I tell you my brother Darvil got off his mission! he is such a cool kid. We were all really excited to see him. Malcolm was born while Darvil was gone so it was fun for them to be able to finally connect names with faces. Now Uncle Darvil is Malcolms' favorite person he ask about him every day.

on our way to the airport we stopped at the zoo to see Malee the baby elephant, I just love her floppy ears.

My cute kids.

I forgot to post that not only did I get my hair cut but it was long enough to donate (10 inches).

This is my Husband he is a hunk!

We had three really fun and busy weeks of summer break and now we are back to the structure of everyday life, it feels so good.