Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last summer my parents were helping my aunt Peggy clean out a house that she had been renting. The previous tenant had left a lot of stuff when she moved out and I mean a lot of stuff.
I got several phone calls that day do you want this? Do you want that? Do you want a set of China? HOLD THE PHONE a free set of China, SOLD!
I finally had a chance to go through my china and see what I really got. It has been in storage but I had my parents bring it to me and today I finally got around to pulling it out and counting it all. I thought I would share with you what I won in my own personal China jackpot.

13 tea cups with saucers
12 large dinner plates
12 medium plates
11 small sample size plates
10 large soup bowls
8 small bowls
1 large oval serving platter
1 small oval serving platter
1 oval butter plate
2 oval serving dishes

There was also glassware

7 of the mug looking ones
7 of the tall goblet looking ones
2 of the shorter wide mouthed glasses
7 of the tiny shot guys

I really lucked out because I like how simple but elegant it is. I think I would have chosen a similar design if I was picking it out for myself. I defiantly love that it is white and silver.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring break or bust!

This is a story about a small family who made big plans to visit family in Idaho for spring break but instead spent time together in Oklahoma.
(It's long but there are lots of pictures.)

On Friday we packed up are little gray car with four excited people and two suitcases and headed to the airport in hopes that there was room for us on the airplane that was scheduled for Salt lake city.

Three hours later we packed those same four people a little less exited and bagless back into our gray car and drove though a disappointing fast food establishment on our way to grandpas house in Moore Oklahoma.

We spent Saturday researching every possible way to get us to Idaho for the week but failed. Defeated we contacted the airlines and requested our bags be sent back. We decided to make the best of our Moore detour and called up some friend we hadn't spent time with in a while and had a gloriously laid back evening playing outside, chatting, eating pizza and cookies while watching cartoons. It set the perfect mood for our now laid back Spring Break in Oklahoma.

On Sunday our Luggage didn't arrive till after church so we went dressed in The nicest Jeans and T-shirts we had.(Don't worry I didn't wear my PJ's I found a dress at my parents house this is me picking up our luggage.)

Since we were in Moore we decided to spend Monday and Tuesday close by exploring Norman and to head back to Stillwater on Wednesday. (I think I was good for my dad to have people around for a little bit too, my mom has been out of town.) We had some fun at a Museum and the local mall.(See Facebook for museum pictures.)
We ate a lot,

and played a lot.

We laughed often,

and wore ourselves out.

We had lots of fun Wednesday and Thursday just being home Steven got some work done for school and I did very little around the house. We were able to attended an awesome St. Patricks day party with some friends.

Friday was spent at the zoo. (We got season passes so come visit and we will take you!) and then we ended the night with a ward talent show.

It ended up being a really great week even thought it wasn't what we had in mind when we started. We spent all of Saturday cleaning and catching up on homework stuff Steven even found time to upgrade his bike handlebars.

So we are ready for life to get back to normal. we are glad we got a break but I am sure going to miss having Steven around all the time.