Friday, January 13, 2012


I (Natasha) ran and completed my first 1/2 marathon in November. I came in with great time. I ran consistently under a 10min mile. I was third in my age group. Since then I have lost all motivation to do anything active. I know I just need to find a race to get excited about but till then I think I will just stay on my couch and eat things that are not good for my body.

Speaking of things that are not good for the body, I made my brother Darvil and now sister-in-law Brittany's wedding cake in December. It turned out beautiful and was so much fun to make.

I forgot how natural it for me to kneed fondant and spread icing. Breathing in the unavoidable amounts of powdered sugar that float in air made me feel comfortable and almost gave me a sense of power. I knew what I was doing and loved the confidence I gained in my abilities. Making their cake gave me a dream to someday get paid to make a cake for someone else.. I have set a goal this year to make and decorate a cake a month. This will give me some much needed experience and practice trying new things.

January cake will be a birthday cake for our Elliot who is turning 4(can you believe it) on the 31st. I haven't come up with a design yet because every time I ask what he wants he gives me a different answer, some example include: candy cane, candy land, a bike, a horse on a bike, cupcakes and and train with a car. I just have to choose something and run with it but again I have no motivation to run.

February is Stevens birthday cake it will be focusing more on flavor than design for his.
For March I have bin plans so stay tuned because it should be rad.

Well I felt like I should post and I feel like this was pretty productive, so I think I will mosey on down stairs and see what the kids are up too.