Tuesday, February 22, 2011

s is for. . .

A sister missionary in our ward found these super cute skirts for a couple bucks at a local store here in Stillwater. They were so cheep because the zippers didn't work. So the sisters bought a skirt and a zipper and brought them to me to put together. Easy peasy, it took no time at all and in less then an hour this beautiful skirt was returned to the sister.

The next day I got a text -Sister is a moron can you fix another skirt?
Turns out our wonderful sister missionary did not try on the skirt before purchasing and it did not fit (and she is an extra small). So what do you do with a supper extra small skirt with a beautiful zipper that fits no one.

I turn it into a shirt for me!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Elliot turned three at the end of January and it took us a few tries to get his birthday celebrated.

Elliot told me for his birthday he wanted Ice Cream so I had no plan of making him a cake. My mom knowing this surprised us the day before his birthday with the coolest train cake ever made.

It was enjoyed by all!

Elliots' party finally rolled around three weeks later after being postponed for the snow. I was pretty proud of how his invitations and birthday shirt turned out so I scanned them for you to see.

Party day was fun. we had lots of friends over,

and lots of Ice cream!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I love my scanner

We got a scanner when some friends were moving last summer. I pulled it out this last week and I am in love. We have been Scanning everything we could find, a couple examples.

Paper Bag Puppet

Malcolms hand

My pearls
And this is why I am in LOVE. I have been adding my scans to digital scrap booking projects.
It has make the end results so much more meaningful and fulfilling for me.

To you this is a design that could add some fun to a page.
To me it is a scan of the stitching on my wedding shoes.

Isn't it just so cool.
I even scanned a rock that Steven and I found on one of our first camping trips.

I have always wanted beautiful books full of my pictures and memories framed with stickers and stamps but have never gotten into all the work and money it takes to do these books. I was really skeptical of doing it all digital because you don't get the 3D affect of hospital bracelets and ribbons. But when you scan your bulky 3D objects you can add them to your digital pages and it gives you more of a dept then a picture of the object would. Its the best of both worlds and I can scrapbook all my memories and pictures now.